Strategy-Train final learning/training materials online:

Strategy-Train final learning/training materials offline:

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Timeframe Activity
2010/09 WP5: Strategy-Train final products [ONLINE]
2010/09/24 Strategy-Train partner meeting, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria [agenda, picture]
2010/09/23 WP8: Final Strategy-Train Conference organised in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria [invitation]
2010/07/01-02 WP 8: Project presentation by LiNK MV at the eLearning Baltics Conference in Rostock/DE [presentation]
2010/06/07-08 Strategy-Train Partner Meeting, Rostock, DE [agenda, picture]
2010/05-2010/07 WP6: Final Pilot Training in AT, BG, EL & IE [pic, pic]
2010/04/23 WP5: Test Version Online [consequently updated version]
2010/02/22 WP 8: Promotion of Strategy-Train at the Institute of Technology Sligo's Enterprise and Innovation Week in Sligo/IE by WESTBIC [picture]
2010/02/19 WP 6: Start of pre-pilot-testing
2010/02/18 WP 5: EN version of Strategy-Train Platform ready for pre-pilot-testing
2010/02/01 WP 5: Draft version of Diagnostic Tool ready
2010/01/25 Final EN version of training material available and ready for platform integration
2009/12 WP 9: Start of WP 9: Exploitation
2009/11/24 Submission of Progress Report to EACEA
2009/11/18 WP 6: Framework for Pilot Actions (D 6.01.) ready
2009/10/19 WP 8: Promotion of Strategy-Train at the Final INNOVAGES XXI conference in Gijón/ES by ATLANTIS [picture]
2009/10/15-16 Strategy-Train Partner Meeting, Galway, IE [agenda, picture]
2009/09/25 WP 8: Promotion of Strategy-Train at the ‘CEIM Programme – Business start-up programme’ event in Lough Eske, Donegal Town/IE by WESTBIC [picture]
2009/09/23-26 WP 8: Promotion of Strategy-Train at the Annual General Meeting of the Europe Direct Network Tallinn/EE by REDA [picture]
2009/09/22 WP8: Project presentation at eLearning Tag 2009 (FH JOANNEUM/AT) in two sessions by MERIG and FH JOANNEUM [MERIG: presentation, picture; FH JOANNEUM: presentation, picture]
2009/07 WP 8: Promotion of Strategy-Train Project during a meeting of Irish and Romanian Regional Development organisations with responsibility for support to SMEs in Kilcar, IE by WESTBIC [summary]
2009/06/26 WP 8: Promotion of Strategy-Train at Barr 50 Event in Dublin/IE by WESTBIC [picture]
2009/06/17-19 WP8: Poster presentation at the 2nd International Conference eLearning Baltics 2009 (Rostock/DE) [summary]
2009/06 WP 4: 'Curriculum' (D 4.02.) ready
2009/05 WP 5: 'Framework for Platform Integration' (D 5.01.) ready
2009/05 WP 5: Start of WP 5: Platform Integration
2009/04 WP 2: 'Learning Model' (D 3.02.) ready
2009/04 WP 2: 'Compiled Report on Analyses' (D 2.03.) ready [Read summary/EN; please contact us to receive full version]
2009/04 WP 2: 'Reports on regional Analyses' (D 2.02.) ready
2009/04/02-03 Strategy-Train Partner Meeting, Lisbon, PT [agenda, picture]
2009/03/24 WP 8: Project presentation by LiNK MV at Forum Europa Services MV (FES-MV) in Güstrow/DE
2009/03 WP 4: 'Framework for Content Development' (D 4.01.) ready
2009/03 Start of WP 4: Content Development
2009/01-03 Presentation of AidLearns´ main activities and current projects, including Strategy-Train [scan]
2009/02/25- 2009/03/18 WP 2: Strategy-Train online questionnaire for SMEs open (191 responses)
2009/02 WP 3: 'Framework for the Development of Learning Models' (D 3.01.) ready
2009/02 Start of WP 3: Learning Model
2009/01 WP 7: 'Evaluation Framework' (D 7.01.) ready
2009/01 WP 8: Strategy-Train Website online (D 8.02.)
2008/12 WP 8: Press Release in the LEVÓN magazine about the start of the Strategy-Train project by LEVÓN Institute/FI
2008/12 WP 2: 'Plan for Analyses' (D 2.01.) ready
2008/12 WP 8: EN Version of Strategy-Train Website ready
2008/12 WP 8: Project Flyer in all Partner Languages ready (D 8.01.) [download above]
2008/12/15 WP 1: Participation in the EACEA - Meeting of New Projects (Lifelong Learning Programme 2008), Brussels, BE
2008/11/20-21 Strategy-Train Kick-Off Meeting, Graz, AT [agenda, picture]
2008/11 Start of WP 1: Project Management, WP 2: Cross-cultural Analyses, WP 7: Evaluation and WP 8: Dissemination
2008/11/01 Project Start